What You Don’t Know About The History of Dash Cams

Similar to every electronic gadget, the dash cam was not as fancy and discreet as it is today. Rather, they were huge and conspicuous. The Texas police department take the plaudits for pioneering the use of dash cams. Back then, the cameras were analog, and their massive size obligated the use of tripods as a support mechanism. Therefore, they were not actually mounted on dashboards; instead, the tripods were attached to either the front or the back windscreen, or both.

As compared to their modern alternatives, the initial dashboard camera were cumbersome and bulky. The primary reason for this difference is the storage method. Whereas current dash cams use miniature SD cards, the older variants relied on magnetic VHS tapes, which have a significant bearing on the overall weight.

Although it was seen as a remarkable discovery back in the eighties, the reception of the dash cam was no that warm. The exorbitant pricing at the time, turned away prospective buyers, most of whom were police divisions from various States. The appalling quality of both images and videos recorded by the cameras further fuelled the discontent among users and other interested parties. So mediocre were the recordings that you could not mark out the distinctive features of a car, let alone a person.

In the 1990s, tables turned. Dash cams gained traction among the general public. Most common uses at the time involved recording roadside incidents, especially misbehaving traffic officers. In response, police acquired more dash cams, leading to a rise in popularity of these devices. Due to the rising demand, manufacturers upped the ante, making superior gadgets at affordable prices.

Perhaps the most influential decision to date, the legalization of dash cams in Russia set a worldwide precedent. The ruling was meant to curb the upsurge if insurance fraud in the country. Within a short time, the results were evident, and the whole process was a success. Since then, millions of vehicle owners across the globe have invested in dashboard cameras.

Nowadays, dash cams are readily available in most shops. Furthermore, they are stylish, compact and equipped with incredible features. Besides recording wrongful incidents, they can capture road trips, identify the car’s location, and so on. Even better, storage space is limitless, the videos are in high definition and you can easily share media to compatible smartphones and computers.