How To Build An Empire With Web Hosting

“Building an empire” with Web hosting might seem almost outlandish and impossible, but many people have made blogging and ecommerce empires with ease. In fact, it takes very little work once you lay the foundation and make enough money to hire freelancers. This is an easy way to start building your own foundation to make a ton of money.

Choose Every Niche The first thing that you need to do is buy enough domains and establish enough websites to cover every niche. While this will take a lot of time, you can start slow and with major niches. For example, build websites about cars, health, business and technology. Once you start making money from these, it’s a good idea to get into subniches that are much smaller and tighter. For example, the car niche is full of subniches like muscle cars, SUVs, racing cars and so on. While literally making a website for every available niche is almost impossible, you should try to conquer at least 20 to 50 if you want an empire.

Content and Monetization You should be able to host 20 to 50 websites with ease, especially if you buy VPS hosting. Now you need to provide the content and monetization. The best way to make money with an empire is AdSense, but you can also directly sell products, advertising space or provide services. However, the one that requires the least amount of maintenance is AdSense because it basically runs itself without forcing you to do anything.

Content is another issue, and this will require the most upfront work. You should write at least 10 articles for each website. While you can outsource this (and should, when you have enough money), it’s a good idea to write the articles yourself at first to save some money. Just write some general, but good, articles so that people have something to read when they visit your page. Expanding the Empire Once the empire has some time to make money and get traffic, it’s time to expand the empire. Concentrate on finding new niches and building the website.

At this point you should be relying on outsources to do the work for you. Yes, it will cost more money, but it frees you up to discover new niches to expand your empire even larger. Consider posting at least one new article a week (though daily is better). You should also use some outsourced marketers to build links so that you get more traffic. Check Your Hosting Surprisingly enough, building an empire with Web hosting has very little to do with hosting itself.

All you really need to do is ensure that you aren’t using too many resources. If you are, then talk with your host and upgrade your plan so that you aren’t charged for overages. Otherwise, there is very little you need to do with your host.

Conclusion Building an empire sounds easy because it is. The main reason why people don’t do it is because it requires a lot of time and money (about $10 per domain, additional $20-$30 for hosting at the VPS level and whatever you value your time at). However, if you are diligent and willing to invest yourself, then you can easily build your very own network. If you love this article, power moves has some similar articles that will help and guide you in building your empire using web hosting.